The Meaning Isn't Mine

For those who ask me the meaning of my Artworks:

Everyone's perception of Art is based on their intellect, hence the idea of boxing the artistic interpretation within a framework of an explanation is considered invalid for me. Art to me as one interprets it should be freedom of thoughts and free flowing like water. So each one can interpret their own explanation based on their intellect, especially when my art is abstract. My effort in this is to encourage the viewer with me to think and develop his own interpretation - In this case we may encourage each other the exchange of thoughts and come up with a brighter much more enlightening experience enriched in a conversational dialogue; thus encouraging ideas of human evolution while respecting the boundaries of one's self interpretation.

I have more than planned to speak my thoughts, in principle it is a questionable image, going with the wind, challenging the wave of normal ordinary meanings. I need to ask here: Why are we as humans dealing with our life through obvious meaning? Don't you feel that the meaning in itself could be hidden in many undiscovered layers? Something that me as an artist would have created with a stroke but missed it? Thus the visual form might be discovered by a third eye, which is none other than you my audience? Over time my wisdom taught me that my art more than sending the message to humans was actually communicating with the universe as a whole, in this interim I discovered that the theory of boxing my art in an explanation, could safely be debunked.

The only message my art carries in my abstraction is thus a metaphor of wisdom, and you my dear viewer are free to interpret along with me. The universe is alive and a positively receptive being, so are you. The capability to interpret thus lies in our ability of wisdom and our effort to appreciate and respect what we take out of the construct of abstraction. In this process we cook the most delicious meal and feed the conditioned mindsets towards freedom of enlightenment.

wrong calculation 2020 oil on paper

The objective object 2018 Flag on wood

Behind Chaos 2020 oil on canvas

The mind 2012 3d work

Basmalah - object 2018 Amman design week

The mule Maze 2020 oil on canvas

The meaning of home 2004 Object

Behind Chaos 2020 oil on canvas

Personal Museum 2020 oil on paper