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Nedim Draws writing

At 6:00 AM: Almost every morning, I am gently awakened at precisely six o'clock, greeted by the birth of a new idea. Typically, these ideas are substantial and significant, filling me with joy and a smile as I fully awaken. My sleep patterns are usually stable and ordinary, often punctuated by peculiar dreams spanning intellectual and manual realms. If a dream captivates me during deep slumber and continues to resonate upon waking, I hastily record it in my ever-present dream notebook. I summarize the dream as a concise story, then delve into its visual elements through personal analysis, eschewing reliance on dream interpretation books. Occasionally, I sketch the dream's essence, essentially capturing the seed of an idea. I've begun eagerly anticipating the dawn even in my unconscious state, convinced that my dream content originates from my own mind, providing reassurance and a basis for method development. As days pass, I find myself pondering who might join me in sharing my project and creativity – is it real, or perhaps beyond reality? Ultimately, I consolidate the dream's elements into a unified artistic expression. In this way, I believe I harness the profound benefits of dream interpretation.

Earth and Language

Nedim, through his perspective and insight, encourages the readers to challenge the general and specific meanings of words: The contents are hypothetical, formed when the image incites the word, in an aim to reach urgent recognitions or anxious intellectual conclusions. Such are solid and rooted conclusions designed to express its current existence. This project contains a collection of paintings propagated by the accumulation of mythical imaginations which enjoyed enough freedom to produce an advanced concept to create a visual and intellectual scenery.

These are miniature digital creations, existing in dreams, stories, and news, born to satiate the need to understand illusion as raw material aiding creativity when handled by the creator. The image serves as a word whose symbolism proved that ideographs are creatures manifested by imagination.

soft thinking

immediately, reminds us of pocket dictionary: which is another world gathering clippings, news papers, and internet search results in one file providing the basis for our instinct to weave the story from the material, and to take its time in contemplation. Time, now, passes different from how it uses to, and the maze is entertaining still in the garden of connection and inspiration.

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Wisdom Machine

Nedim invites you to imagine and explore the "word" itself, to dive beyond its meaning to the hidden magic, His oeuvre transforms words into objects through a fragmentation process and lets them float in a weightless, artificial universe that seems beyond reach. The construction of the elements is built up by pure gravity and the sensitive relationship of his skillfully and carefully selected materials.

Talisman - oil on canvas

Let your eyes walk through details of Nedim's work and let your thoughts ponder. Indulge on what comes to mind intuitively and what questions arouse upon wanting to interpret it. having studied his artwork in depth. his work is an attempt to intensify our understanding of the matter, to emerge with a broader meaning of his crystallized vision.