Descriptions & story of "Ur Land project" 1994-2009

Through memory I have to go back to the year 1995 when I did arrived Holland as immigrant seeking secure and better life and then applied the month after with a project (The Lost Land) to the Dutch government trying at that time to express my mixed feeling and myself confused after landing without plan on new earth, new culture and new nature as well. it was my aim to build up an "open air theater" from muddy materials.

Model of " UR Land " 50x50cm 1995-2009

I found myself totally “Lost” with mind full of questions about the destiny and how to survive again, I was carrying a heavy past, wars stories , sorrows and dirty memories that makes the disk is completely full. The model of the project has been from ceramic done and displayed one month in the (new polder museum) in Lelystad in order to make the idea open to public, after awhile and for mysterious reasons the project and the model disappeared, until this moment. Now, and after 14 years I ‘m trying again to say something in the air expecting the echo from some ware, after sending my proposal to Mr. Peter Barton I was greatly enthusiastic after his positive responding, he wakes me up and push “Ur land project” to reality direction with brilliant thoughts. I ‘m strong believer in team work, in sharing duties and ideas, so I suggest starting forum of a group whom interested in building this “land art work”

My immigration Path from Iraq to Netherland 1994

ِThe ruins of Ur, with the Ziggurat of Ur visible in the background

Regarding funding, to be honest I have very little experience with asking fund or sponsorship What I should do in this case, I wonder. I hope you can help me and I will do my best even here in Holland. Why Ur land? Ur: the word has the deepest meaning of the oldest in many languages We trying on the stage of “Ur” to unify the heart languages in one word (Humanity first) To let the people from all colors celebrating inhabiting Ur space I may say if we could import ruin material of the war from Iraq that will be super hosting of Omi to the first dot of civilization 2030-1980 BC Ur makes the meeting spontaneous Nedim Kufi

ِThe virtual distence from iraq Ur to Omi USA

ِTop View of Zeggorat Ur in Iraq

immigrant thoughtful image in words / 2021 the artist

ARCHITECTURE OMI, Hello Nedim, We will need a one page description of your intentions with this project and how you expect to fund the construction of the sculpture. Ideally, since you are drawing inspiration from the ancient city of Ur, some element of the original site should be incorporated into the design, yes? That can be a piece of stone from the region placed in the center of the floor area; or several pieces of stone for the floor; or some sand to be cast into the mortar; or perhaps some pieces of stone from a contemporary ruin caused by either war or some intrusion of the modern world. In this way the two sites, A Oldest and B Newest, are irrevocably linked together and when someone stands on the stone floor in Omi one is standing on the earth of Iraq. Does this make sense to you? \Peter

Hi Nedim\ Well, that sounds promising. But shipping bricks all the way from India to New York must be quite costly. Including getting them from the docks up to Omi. Recall that all we are able to offer at this time is a showplace for exhibitions and new architecture ides. We would need a formal proposal with funders, museum, collector or arts organization named and attached to the project already. \Peter

Bagdad of North ( Exhibition for the idea) Netherlands

Bagdad of North ( Exhibition for the idea) Netherlands