The 20TH Century - Nedim Kufi

The Concept :
The grid structure organizes my thought process. It also enlarges the scope and the field of my vision. Therefore, I will be able to see all hundred years very clearly. In mainstream culture, man is used to view time in a simple linear fashion--only one dimension. My mind is structured like a grid. This is how I process and organize data. I am distilling 100 years in a square. There are good times and bad times. Good years and bad years. I choose to keep the good years and delete the bad years. Therefore, you will find that my grid has 80 years and not 100 years. The grid takes into account the here and now. We have to cease the present moment as well and meditate. It is essential to reflect and be present in any given moment.
About Nedim

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my aim: to translate time to media

Map of the British Empire (as of 1910). At its height, it was the largest empire in history.